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A Slow Death by James Craig

A Savage Art by A.E. Rawson

Kate Savage is an artist who creates dark fairy tales using textiles.

Devastated by the death of her assistant and unable to accept the official explanations she begins to dig deeper and finds herself being seduced into an erotically charged and potentially dangerous world.

Kate becomes convinced that Dr John Reed, a charismatic alternative doctor, is somehow implicated in the apparent suicide of her assistant and is determined to gather the proof that will confirm her suspicions – even if it means putting herself into harms way.

In this thoughtful, sensual book AE Rawson skilfully weaves together the strands of a traditional crime thriller with the seductive and erotic possibilities bound within artistic and BDSM subcultures which few people are ever invited to join.

“A very clever plotted crime novel and very very sexy…”

“Beautifully written, rich, sensual – left me breathless at points…”

“Crime & Art & Sex, what’s not to like…”

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