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A Slow Death by James Craig

A Slow Death by James Craig

We're delighted to announce that we're launching Fahrenheit Press with the first book in a brand new European Crime Series by James Craig, author of the spectacularly successful Inspector Carlyle books.

A Slow Death is the first instalment in a new series of books set in Berlin and starring James Craig's latest creation Kriminalinspektor Max Drescher.

The first book in the series is set in 1991, just after the re-unification of the city. With a typical stylistic flourish by James Craig the story follows the Kriminalinspektor on his final case.

The subsequent books in the series will track back through the years, telling the story of Max as he weaves his way in and around some of the most pivotal moments in modern European history.

It's an ambitious and clever story arc, planned in meticulous detail and spanning a whole series - like the best boxset you've ever read.

Kriminalinspektor Max Drescher is going to be one of those characters that readers love and from what we've seen of the story so far he's going to totally redefine people's pre-conceptions of the typical crime fiction hero.

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