what the hell is going on?

Fatal Attraction

This weekend we published two books from the awesome Cumbrian author Ruth Sutton - they're the first two books in a series featuring journalist Judith Pharoah, CRUEL TIDE and FATAL RECKONING and they build on the characters and settings from Ruth's sweeping Cumbrian trilogy BETWEEN THE MOUNTAINS AND THE SEA.

Ruth self-published her trilogy with great success and last year when she was ready to launch herself into the world of Crime Fiction it seemed like a natural decision to once again strike out on her own. So around this time last year she launched the first book of the new series CRUEL TIDE and she was all set to go forward and do the same with FATAL RECKONING, the second book in the series.

At least that was the plan before she started talking to Fahrenheit...

We loved the books and we thought we could do something to bring them to a much wider audience. We told Ruth we'd love to publish them and after talking with us Ruth was keen to hook up with us too.

There was a problem though. Ruth is now an old-hand at self-publishing and she's invested a lot of her time and her money in bringing both her trilogy and now these two crime books into the world.

Ruth's work is hooked in at a very visceral level with the locations her novels are set in. She's also a very savvy businesswoman and she recognised that she could use this strong sense of location to sell some books to tourists and locals alike. As a result she's been doing a roaring trade in selling paperbacks of her books into bookshops and gift shops all over Cumbria and The Lake District for years now.

So we had a think and came up with a new hybrid publishing deal - one that allows us to sprinkle a little of our Fahrenheit magic to bring Ruth's crime books to a whole bunch of new readers and still allows Ruth to sell her paperbacks just like she's always done.

Essentially we've signed a deal where we will sell Fahrenheit branded eBook and paperback editions online and Ruth will continue to sell her own editions through the network of outlets she's developed over her years in self-publishing.

It's an interesting experiement for us to work in close collaboration with a self-published author and we think it gives us, Ruth and her readers the best of all worlds.

So now you know the story, go buy the damn books... either our editions or Ruth's - we don't mind which - when we collaborate we all win.