what the hell is going on?

Introducing the Fahrenheit Press Book Club.

The Fahrenheit Book Club is our new subscription service. Membership costs just £48 / €66 / $75 per year and for that you'll get ALL of the Fahrenheit Press eBooks scheduled for 2016 publication, delivered direct to your inbox before anyone else sees them.

The Fahrenheit Book Club has been set up in direct response to requests from our readers. It seems that loads of you love what we're doing so much that you've been buying EVERY BOOK WE PUBLISH - this is our way of thanking you.

So here's the deal - you subscribe for 12 months for £48 / €66 / $75 and for that you'll get AT LEAST 24 eBooks delivered to your inbox over the course of 12 months.

You know us though, things change and it's fairly likely that you'll end up with more than 24 as we get carried away and add more great authors to our list. If we publish it in 2016 - you'll get it, guaranteed.

+++ STOP PRESS +++

Our publishing programme for 2016 has ramped up significantly since we started the Fahrenheit Press Book Club and based on our current schedule members will have already have received enough books by the end of April to earn out their annual subscription. This means that all the books they receive for the last 8 months of 2016 will effectively be free of charge.

Quite the bargain. Our accountants are totally going to kick our asses when they find out.


We've been contacted by a few of you who really want to join the Fahrenheit Book Club but are finding it hard to lay your hands on the £48 / €66 / $75.

We recognise that funds can be low at this time of year so to make things easier we've set up a payment plan option for those of you who want it.

If you'd rather spread the cost just let us know when you join and we'll invoice you for 3 monthly amounts of £16 / €22 / $25 instead of the single upfront payment

If you'd like more information on the Fahrenheit Press Book Club email us here.

* We ONLY accept payments via PAYPAL - payment details will be sent to you once we accept your subscription request.