The coolest crime writing contest in the world will return in 2019.

“Never listen to anyone who says it can’t be done. Live your dreams, people." - Ian Patrick, Fahrenheit Author

Last year Noirville took the crime ficion community by storm. Established authors, first timers - we wanted to hear from anyone who had a story to tell and you responded in your hundreds.

We get hundreds of submissions every week and in among all the novels we've noticed an increasing number of writers pitching short stories to us - at Fahrenheit we're passionate about giving new talent a chance to break through so we thought what better way to kill two birds with one stone?

The first edition of Noirville was a huge success - truly inclusive by any measure. Of the 15 final stories, 11 of them were from writers who had never been published anywhere before. 46% were from women, 52% were from the USA and 48% from Europe. One succesful entrant, Russell Day impressed us so much we signed him up for a two book deal and his debut novel was published earlier this year.

Buoyed by his success with Noirville & Needle Song, Russell then went on to be awarded the 2018 CWA MARGERY ALLINGHAM PRIZE. Russel has the following advice for anyone planning to enter a story in this year's Noirville collection.

“A short crime story is like a shiv. Sharp and fast. And when it’s handled with finesse, no one sees the end coming. You have to punch above your weight with a short story. You don’t have pages and pages to explain yourself, there isn’t the luxury of yet more words and just one more beautiful phrase. It’s bare knuckle writing. If you want to be a writer it’s worth remembering, Raymond Chandler published sixteen short stories before he saw his first novel in print.”

So how is it gonna work?

Simple. The best 15 stories (as chosen by our panel of judges) will be published in Fahrenheit's short story collection NOIRVILLE Volume 2 which will be published in both eBook & paperback in Winter 2019.

What does it cost to enter?

Due to the large numbers of people who entered last year we've had to introduce a charge of $10 per entrant to cover the admin costs. We'll only charge each entrant once - $10 will cover as many stories as you want to enter. A paypal invoice will be sent to you once we receive your submission. Just like last year, EVERY CONTRIBUTOR to the final anthology will receive royalties on all eBook & Paperback sales.

We aim to be as inclusive as possible at Fahrenheit and we recognise that many writers have very limited budgets. We don't want anyone to miss out on this competition because they can't afford the entry fee so we're offering 50 FREE assisted places. If you're struggling and can't raise the $10 entry fee simply mark your entry ASSIST and we'll waive the fee. This will be operated under an honesty-box principle, we trust you not to claim a free place at the expense of another writer if you don't need to.

The Rules

You know we hate rules so we've tried to keep this simple....

  • 1} Stories must be LESS THAN 6000 words in length
  • 2) Stories must NOT have been previously published.
  • 3) Stories must be set firmly in the Crime/Thriller genre.
  • 4) Existing Fahrenheit authors are very welcome to submit entries but the judges will be voting blind so there will be zero chance of preferential treatment.
  • 5) This is meant to be fun so use your common sense, stick to the rules, and don't be a dick.
  • 6) ALL our decisions are final and if you don't like it go tell your momma cause she's the only one who cares.

So how do I enter?

It's very simple to enter, simply email your entry to this address - - once we've received your entry we'll send you a paypal invoice for the $10 entry fee.